My amazing boyfriend is proud of me too. And I love him so much for his support.
I just went through my tumblr…

And discovered the journey ive been on these past few months. It’s been long and real. The medical bills are off the walls. I’ve lost friends and myself. But I’ve gained a few things: my soul mate, my best friend, reasoning, my life, and a new vision of my life. Overall ive struggled. No im not cured, I never will be. But I am learning how to survive. Im learning what a real smile and laugh feels like. I’ve learned what it feels like for people to truely love you. I’ve been away from my tumblr for ages. And to see my own progress, it just exaggerates the already amazing feeling I get when I become proud of myself now.



"don’t tell me I am pretty or thin or sweet or good until you have crawled inside my skin and felt the depths and shallows of me. only I know who I am. I live inside myself and it is a rotting cage."


"my sadness is not
a cut for you to bandage
and it is not
a bruise for you to kiss

i am not waiting
for you to save me
i am hoping you will love me
while i rescue myself"
this is what a hero looks like (w.k.)

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